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CRAFTEX Decorative Glaze

is an opaque finishing glaze to highlight details on your chalk painted projects.


Available in many colours to create both antique and modern finishes to your craft projects.


Apply to a fully dried painted surface following the instructions of your chalk paint manufacturer.

Do not apply over a sealed or waxed project

It is recommended to test the glaze on a small area before applying it to the entire project.

Applied using a brush for the best effect.

Brush the glaze over your chalk painted project, then wipe it off lightly with a cloth until you have achieved the desired effect.

Let the glaze dry for 24 hours.


Easy to Apply • Thick or Thin • Antique or Modern Finish

Works best with CRAFTEX Chalk Paint

Take your time reading these waterslide decal instructions thoroughly. Reading these will give you the best results when applying.


  • Small Sharp Scissors if cutting out your own.
  • Spray Bottle or Bowl of Clean Room Temperature Water (Distilled water is preferred)
  • Paper Towel
  • Small Soft Brush or sponge
  • Clear Sealer (We recommend a spray sealer)


Waterslide decals are extremely delicate and require care. If not applied properly the decal may scratch, rip or tear during application.  It is suggested that you do testing before you apply your purchased product.



Your application surface should be as smooth as possible.  Make sure you have cleaned the surface, ensuring that it is free of any oils and debris. It is recommended that you first apply a sealer over the surface and allow the coating to dry.  This will ensure that the surface is smooth and any previous pores are sealed. 

Remove decal sheet from packaging gently. Cut out decal in square/rectangular/circular pattern using a sharp pair of scissors. (You can also get your decals pre-cut from us.) White areas left uncut will show a little film or edge on your project. Store the remainder of the decal sheet is supplied packaging. This will prevent oils and moisture from coming in contact with the sheet. 

Fill a spray bottle with clean room temperature water. Place the cut-out decal on a damp paper towel and spray decal backing until it is completely soaked. Flip decal so that the print side is facing up and spray lightly with water.  The decal film will start to separate from the backing.  This could take between 5-15 seconds.  Once the decal has started to separate you may proceed to the next step. 

You can also place the cut out decal in a bowl of clean, room temperature water for 5-15 seconds, however, you have less control when doing this.

Carefully place the decal and backing on the application surface where you want the decal to be placed. If you ordered a cut-out decal we recommend the picture to be placed face-down to make tearing minimal. 

You may moisten the application surface with water first to assist you in decal placement after application.  Carefully slide the backing paper out from underneath the decal film leaving the film on the application surface. Or use a brush to moisten the backing paper of your cut out decal. 

You may use a small soft brush or your fingers to assist you in holding the film in place.   Smooth out the decal using a damp paper towel or soft brush; the actual waterslide backing works best for this as it is slightly slippery and won't catch on your waterslide. Using a paper towel or soft brush, carefully dab away excess water.

Before any type of sealer, you must make sure that the decal is 100% dry both on top and underneath. You may speed up this process by using a hairdryer, do not use a heat gun or it will melt.

To protect decals after application, spray over decal and application surface with a sealer spray.  You must first apply 2-3 very thin mist coats over the decal; allowing it to dry each time.  After you have sealed the deal with thin coats you may apply a heavier coat if you want. 

It is recommended that you always test a decal on a scrap piece until you know what method works for you.

There are many YouTube videos and websites that have great tutorials on how to apply waterslide decals. They are all a little different but very helpful.  If you have never applied waterslide decals it is recommended to do a little research online or contact us if you need any help.

The application of waterslide decals requires a degree of dexterity and concentration. If this is your first time applying waterslide decals, please try some samples first.  We cannot be responsible for replacing decals that have been damaged during application.


If you have any questions please contact us: | | 011 083 7372

Manufactured by 3D-ink

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